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Sunset Glass Tinting Switchable Smart Film Interior of Office with Glass Doors

Switchable Smart Film

When you are working with glass surfaces for projects, it pays to have professionals at your side. Here at Sunset Glass Tinting in the Houston, Texas area, we work with specialty glass including switchable smart film. This is also known as smart glass and you should consider it for your next open office space.

Smart glass is revolutionizing the way technology along with how the Internet of Things (IoT) in commercial office spaces. See what possibilities switchable smart film has in store for your company and upcoming projects in terms of affordability, space-saving devices, and privacy screens.

What is Switchable Smart Film

Switchable smart film is a type of film that can be affixed to glass surfaces, including windows and mirrors. This tint works as a new surface area designed to increase or reduce opacity and transparency. You can easily utilize this type of material for projects, such as art exhibitions, retail signage, or temporary trade show displays.

Also known as smart glass, a switchable film serves a couple of different core functions. You can choose switchable privacy glass that acts as a temporary privacy screen or a transparent surface in a room. This type of smart glass is designed using polymer dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) films attached to a window or glass

The other common type of switchable smart film is known as electronically tintable glass. Here you have electric tinting that goes into changing the appearance of the glass. Electronic tintable glass is perfect for signage solutions and other modern installations. You can also use this type of glass to block out glare and direct sunlight. This is ideal for offices with a great view but, unfortunately, also have no natural shade from the mid-day sun.

Benefits of Using Smart Glass

The primary reason why businesses would choose switchable smart film is to create an open-concept plan. This can be used for a temporary work space or for an open office floor plan in a commercial work area. You can also find a great use for smart glass in the venue of private meeting spaces. Set up a space that offers privacy for a meeting of just a few employees in the middle of an otherwise open floor plan. You also save money by having a smart glass you can remove quite easily when it is time to update the space.

How to Use Switchable Smart Film

Simply find a local company that specializes in window tinting services. You need to hire professionals who are experts in specialty window tinting and switchable smart film. This includes being able to provide installation and maintenance services for the smart glass once it is in place. Fortunately, Sunset Glass Tinting is a major provider of window glass film and tinting systems.

Choose the Top Texas Company for Window Glass Tinting

In order to make the most of your commercial window glass tinting in Texas, contact the pros at Sunset Glass Tinting. Call our office at 888-949-2468 and schedule a free quote on our window tinting for commercial properties. We are a 3M Platinum large commercial certified expert for the Houston and Sugar Land areas.