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Why Never To Do Window Tinting At Home

There are homeowners reading this who are considering visiting a local home supply store to purchase do it yourself window film. That being said, a DIY window film application is not wise for a number of reasons.

We always recommend you speak with a professional before making a window film purchase. Here at Sunset Glass Tinting, we love to advise local area residents on professional window film installation. Read more below!

Good Window Film is Not Generic

Homeowners often make the incorrect assumption that all window film is the same. They believe that any window film they can find at a local home supply store will do just fine for residential home windows.

The reality is that there are multiple types of window film available to people who own a home. The type the homeowner will want to choose will depend on the goal that is hoped to be achieved with the window film as well as the window film size, type of glass, location of the window and the glass quality.

Purchasing Substandard Window Film Can Lead to Damage

Application of the wrong type of window film can result in damage to the window or frame. Most DIY kits require you to cut the film to exactly the right size, a task that becomes difficult without professional tools. Ensuring accurate cutting requires care, and if not taken seriously, can scratch your windows or make errors in the application. Dust and dirt are also problems for D-I-Y-ers. Professionals can ensure (under a warranty) that the film is installed correctly without dirt or dust underneath. Trapped dirt can leave bubbles or wrinkles in the film that can compromise the appearance and functionality of both the tint and the window itself.

Application of Window Film Often Requires Scaffolding

For windows that are located high in the home, you will probably need to erect scaffolding or a series of ladders to apply the window film. This might not feel like a huge deal, but installing window film involves more than just sticking the window film on the window. This product requires precision and care to install.

Professional window film Installers will show-up to complete the installation with professional scaffolding and the right ladders to ensure that your window film is installed, with no risk being posed to your home.

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