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Window Tinting and Energy Efficiency

We are now in the midst of summer, and many people have seen their energy bills increase as temperatures have gone up. This may have you thinking about possible changes you can make to your home or commercial building to help increase the efficiency of your home.

By increasing the energy efficiency of your home or building, you can lower your energy usage and decrease the amount you pay to cool the space next summer. One way you can do that is by tinting your windows. Here is more information about window tinting and energy efficiency. unknown.gif

What Factors Affect the Energy Efficiency Of Your Windows? 

Windows are not all the same, nor is the energy efficiency of windows the same. Two people could have windows that face in the same direction, and one space could be hotter than the other person's space based on the efficiency of their windows. The type of frame around the windows, single versus double versus triple pane glass, affects efficiency, as does the age and condition of the windows. Lastly, placing a film over the glass to help reflect the sun's UV rays, a process referred to as tinting, can affect the energy efficiency of windows. 

What Are the Benefits of Tinting Your Windows?

The number one benefit associated with tinting your home or commercial windows is energy savings, which in turn, translates into money savings. When your windows are tinted, your home or commercial building will not get as hot. In turn, your air conditioner will not kick on as often, which helps to decrease your cooling costs. It also helps to reduce wear and tear on your air conditioning system, which can help prolong the life of your cooling device. Window tinting can also reduce glare on computers, television screens or phone screens due to sunlight shining into your space. 

How Much Can You Save By Tinting Your Windows? 

There are a number of factors that can affect how much you will spend cooling your home or commercial building, including the weather conditions in your area, what direction your windows face, how much sunlight your windows actually get, and the type of windows you have. The exact type of tinting that is placed on your window also affects energy savings. As these factors vary, it can be hard to determine the exact amount that you can save by tinting your windows. However, many people see a 10 to 15 percent reduction in their energy bills when they professional tint their home or commercial windows with an appropriate window tint. 

Here at Sunset Glass Tinting, we can help you tint your commercial building windows and/or your home windows. There are different types of window tints on the market, and each type has its own unique benefits. We would love to work with you to determine the right type of tint for your windows, and then install it, helping you to decrease your energy usage next summer. Contact us today to get started.