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4 Reasons Why you Need Window Film

Sunset Glass is here to tell you that you need window film. Transform your home or office and make it more comfortable for your daily routine. You may be questioning, “is it really worth it?” Don’t worry – Sunset Glass is here to tell you four reasons why you need this amazing solution for your home or business:

1. Go Green

In our day and age, being sustainable is the go-to. Anything to help the world be eco-friendly is a must. Window film can help you go green!

By adding window film to your home or office, you are deflecting the sun’s heat and UV rays. This ultimately reduces the heating and cooling in your home and reduces the energy used by your system. Not only will this help with keeping a nice temperature in your home, but you also save money with lower utility bills.

 2. Reduce Glare

We all know those harsh glares you get from the computer screen coming from your windows. Sunset Glass can help avoid that! You don’t have to worry about fixing your blinds or moving your furniture when you have a window film to reduce that awful, inconvenient glare.

3. Protect your Furniture

Not only can Window Film help with glare and those UV rays, but this will also ultimately help with maintaining your furniture, floors, and even your skin. Sunset Glass window film protects up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays.

Don’t worry about losing color to your furniture or the fading of hardwood floors, window film can save you.

4. Privacy and Security

Window Film can increase your privacy and security in your home or office. Especially in your home, adding window film can help form intruders looking into your home and can help protect you from shattered glass. The privacy and security window film has an extra layer of firm hold onto the glass, which will help keep it intact. Window film will also help with the security of natural disasters.

If you are interested in learning more about window tints for your residential or commercial building, contact Sunset Glass Tinting by calling 888-949-2468 or contacting us via our website. We would be happy to arrange a free, no obligation consultation for your home or commercial building and discuss how you can implement a window film solution.