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Sunset Tinting and Glass: Five Benefits of Fleet Graphics Long Row of White Vans

Five Benefits of Fleet Graphics

Your organization may have more assets at your disposal than you imagine. If you have a fleet of vehicles, why not get more use out of them by setting them up with promotional graphics?

At Sunset Glass Tinting, we have experience creating eye-catching graphics for placement on local companies’ fleet vehicles. Over the years, we’ve noticed that many customers are interested in fleet graphics for the following main benefits:

1. Give Your Business a More Professional Appearance

Imagine how much more credible your business will be to potential customers when they see vehicles from your fleet while they’re out and about or visiting your organization. The graphics will demonstrate that you are thoughtful and care about your appearance. 

You’ll set yourself off from the competition and their standard vehicle configurations, with your own customized exteriors that announce your marketing messages everywhere they go.

2. Conveniently Change Messaging for New Campaigns

Fleet graphics are easy and convenient to adjust as needed. For example, your business wants to test the waters with a new marketing campaign. The best way to get the word out in the community is by quickly changing your vehicles’ exteriors. 

When you hire professionals, it’s a snap to change out vinyl graphics, which are held in place with adhesive. You can announce a new buy-one, get one free campaign during a certain week or month. Or, you are now offering service 24/7, and you need to update the community about your new availability. 

3. Expand Your Brand in the Marketplace

The more eyeballs you can reach, the bigger your bottom line can be. This is why so many businesses opt for graphics on their fleetmarkus-winkler-3vlGNkDep4E-unsplash of vehicles. Your drivers will be out every day, visiting customers or picking up supplies from vendors, as well as visiting local eateries when taking their lunch break. 

Everywhere your vehicles go, they will be extending your brand in the local marketplace. People can’t help but see your fleet graphics when they’re on the road, as compared to skipping through commercials or using an ad blocker on their computer.

4. Promote Your Organization Where Your Customers Are

Imagine being able to encounter potential customers wherever they happen to be. When you do work at one customer’s address, neighbors or local businesses will see your vehicle parked out front. This presents a great advertising opportunity. With your business logo, name, and contact information on the side of the vehicles, individuals who spot you may be motivated to contact you since you’re already doing business where they live or work.

5. Protect Vehicle Paint Jobs

You’ll get a better return on your vehicle fleet investment when you arrange for graphics to wrap around them because they add extra protection. Vinyl graphics adhering to the surface of your vehicle will safeguard it from the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. They are also useful in keeping the paint from getting nicked and scratched.

Ready to Arrange Fleet Graphics for Your Business?

The team at Sunset Glass Tinting has experience developing fleet graphics for companies large and small in the greater Houston and Sugar Land, Texas areas, and neighboring communities. We welcome the opportunity to serve you.

With so many benefits to fleet graphics, you’ll be wondering why you haven’t added them to your vehicles already. To learn more about our process or to arrange for service, please contact us at 888-949-2468 today.