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Security Film

Whether you own a home or a commercial property, the safety and security of your assets are probably high on your list of priorities. No doubt, you have door locks and may even have an alarm system or surveillance cameras. 

However, did you know that there is an additional security system that is highly affordable and provides immediate benefits? At Sunset Glass Tinting, we frequently install security film on windows.

Benefits of Security Film

When installed properly, security film can help protect your property from a variety of potential security threats. At Sunset, we use 3M Safety and Security Window Film. This product combines high technology and sun control without changing the appearance of your building: up to 70% of the visible light will pass through the windows. Some of the benefits of window film include:

  1. Protection from severe weather: Reduce flying glass caused by weather incidents.

  2. Deter crime: Make it more difficult to access your building through glass windows.

  3. Increase protection against bomb blasts. Help to prevent airborne shards of glass.

  4. Minimize the impact of graffiti: When graffiti happens, remove the film without replacing the entire window.

  5. Increase window strength: The security film reduces fading from the sun, reflects solar heat and adds a layer of protection.

  6. Reduce utilities: Lessen the impact the sun has on your building by installing window security film. 

Types of Security Film

3M Safety and Security Film come in several different strengths. Each strength has its benefits. There is a type of window film for nearly every budget and project.

Ultra Prestige Series

The most high-end security film we offer, the Ultra Prestige Series, blocks heat, allows light in, holds glass together in the event of a break-in and does not change the look of your building. The product is made up of 42 micro-layers thick, tear-resistant film. 

Ultra Series

The Ultra Series by 3M combines strong 42-layer technology with window protection. It is available in either clear or tinted sun control options. This product performs better than standard polyester film to protect windows from impact events. 

Safety Series

If you are looking for a more economical way to protect your windows, the Safety Series is probably your best bet. This product offers basic protection in 7 and 8 mil polyester film. When paired with an adhesive, this product is designed to hold broken glass together. It is available in both clear and tinted variants. 

Impact Protection Systems

This window film system bonds the window to the frame, offering the highest level of protection from bomb blasts. If you need something stronger than window film, this is the product for you.

Anti-Graffiti Glass Protection Film 

Last but not least, we offer the 4 mil single-layer and 6 mil multi-layer clear film. This window film provides a layer of protection to protect your glass from graffiti in the form of etching, scratching and tagging. It will also protect and insulate from normal wear and tear. 

Sunset Glass Tinting

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