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man installing 3M window film

Why Choose a 3M Authorized Window Film Dealer?

A 3M authorized window film dealer provides their customers with many benefits that simply aren't available otherwise. Those window film dealers that have been authorized by 3M are part of a prestigious network that has access to the full line of 3M products.

Benefits of Choosing a 3M Authorized Window Film Dealer

Ensuring the window film you've chosen is 3M authorized should be one of the first consideration you make. Only by doing so can you be assured that you'll enjoy the following crucial benefits: 

  • Adherence to the Highest Standards

In order to be a 3M authorized window film dealer, a company has to follow the strict 3M standards of conduct. This is grounded in the superior customer service 3M is known for. 

  • Far-Reaching Experience

A 3M authorized dealer needs to have at least three years of experience to be considered as a candidate for this prestigious standard. However, if a company is authorized as a 3M window film dealer, it is likely that they have many more years of experience above and beyond that. 

  • Continuing Education

Before a company is able to apply to become a 3M authorized window film dealer, its staff has to undergo specific training. This includes both classroom instruction and intensive hands-on technical training in the installation of 3M window film products. 

In addition, installers and dealers need to commit to participating in continuing education. By doing so, they are able to stay up-to-date on the latest information regarding window timing techniques, products and technology that is available from 3M. 

  • 3M Warranty

By choosing a 3M authorized window film dealer, you have access to the company's comprehensive warranties. Depending on the particular product involved, these protections are focused on lifetime or commercial application and can protect against seal failure, glass cracking, peeling, glass breakage and/or blistering. For more specific information, consult with your dealer to determine how warranty factors such as residential, commercial, external or internal installation affect the coverage offered. 

  • Access to Entire 3M Product Line

3M is considered to be the global leader when it comes to window film -- and for good reason. They not only hold the first patent for window film technology, but the company also manufacturers all the raw materials involved. This means they can control the quality at each stage and ensure that every product meets 3M's exacting standards. 

The company's products can be found in a variety of retail stores. However, only 3M authorized window film dealers can purchase and install specialty films such as the Prestige Series. This top-tier product provides temperature control, high light transmission, glare reduction, UV protection and many other features.

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