Sunset Glass Tinting Switchable Smart Film Interior of Office with Glass Doors

Switchable Smart Film

When you are working with glass surfaces for projects, it pays to have professionals at your side. Here at Sunset Glass Tinting in the Houston, Texas area, we work with specialty glass including switchable smart film. This is also known as ...
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Reasons to Customize Your Commercial Glass

colorful decoration for decorative glass
If you are bored of seeing the same windows day in and day out, you may be ready to hit them with a sledgehammer. But wait! Before you repla...
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Here's Why You Should Tint The Windows in Your Home

Sunset Glass Tinting Why You Should Tint Your Home's Windows Large Country Home
When people think of talk of windows, they’re frequently referring to their cars. However, one of the most beneficial uses of window tint is...
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Window Tinting and Energy Efficiency

windows with sky showing - Sunset Glass Tinting
We are now in the midst of summer, and many people have seen their energy bills increase as temperatures have gone up. This may have you thi...
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Myths and Facts About Window Tint

Image of a window - Sunset Glass Tinting
Sunset Glass Tinting wants to clear the air on what’s true and false when it comes to window film. You may be on the fence about window tint...
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Tinting for Security Protects Your Commercial & Residential Windows

Robber peering in window with flashlight - Sunset Glass Tinting
Tinting your commercial and residential windows not only blocks the sun’s harmful rays from entering but has the bonus of protecting people ...
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Take an Office from BLAH to WOW with Vinyl Designs

Houston graffiti - Sunset Glass Tinting
Some of the best personalization ideas for businesses arise in the window. That’s why big-named fashion design shops in New York City will s...
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8 Fun Window Film Facts

Large windows in a residential kitchen - Sunset Glass Tinting
As a homeowner or business owner, you know that making your home or office space pleasant and welcoming is no easy feat. It takes time and m...
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4 Reasons Why you Need Window Film

person sitting by window
Sunset Glass is here to tell you that you need window film. Transform your home or office and make it more comfortable for your daily routin...
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Interesting Facts About Window Film

woman looking out a large window - Sunset Glass Tinting
Making your home or office feel comfortable and pleasant is important. However, sometimes added heat or strenuous amounts of light can stop ...
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