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Everything You Need to Know About 3M Anti-Graffiti Protection Film

These days, it seems like people have no respect for other people's property. Graffiti can occur in bathroom stalls, on store windows, on street signs, on benches and at bus station terminals. Constantly cleaning up the graffiti or having to replace these fixtures can be costly.

Fortunately, there is a fast and easy solution that allows you to quickly remove graffiti at a minimal cost. This product is called 3M Anti-Graffiti Glass Protection Film.

What is 3M Anti-Graffiti Protection Film? 

This is a film that can be placed over your items that are commonly damaged by taggers (a person who writes graffiti using their nickname or identifying mark). Most types of films are designed to cover glass and acrylic items, but there are some unique films that can cover different materials as well.

This film is a thin, clear material that essentially covers and adds a layer of protection between things like windows, and the ink or paint that vandals are using to destroy your property. 

What Types of Graffiti Does This Film Protect Against? 

3M Anti-Graffiti Protection Film is designed to protect against many of the elements that taggers use. Some of those elements include spray paint, acid, permanent markers and etching tools. There are also anti-graffiti films that are thicker and also offer security features as well.

In addition to protecting against graffiti, these types of films may also protect against vandals who are looking to throw rocks at a window or smash in your window. This further protects your property against damage done by those who have no respect for your business.  

How Does 3M Anti-Graffiti Protection Film Work? 

One of the most common misconceptions about anti-graffiti film is the way that this film works. When most people hear the term 3M Anti-Graffiti Protection Film, they incorrectly assume that this type of film can simply be wiped free of vandalism. However, the film works quite differently than that. The film is a multi-layer product.

Once a vandal strikes, they damage the outermost layer of the product. That outermost layer can be peeled away, removing the vandalism. There are many layers in a film, so multiple vandalism attacks can occur before a new film needs to be installed. Think of it like Post-it notes. You write on the top one, and then peel it away, revealing a fresh new Post-it note. This is similar to how multi-layer anti-graffiti films function.   

What Are the Benefits of 3M Anti-Graffiti Protection Film? 

There are a number of benefits associated with using anti-graffiti film. The top benefit is that it makes removing graffiti fast and easy. You do not have to spend time scrubbing graffiti away or painting over it.

This film also allows you to save money. Graffiti that is etched in or permanent may not be removed from a window or acrylic material. Using a film helps to protect that item so it does not have to be replaced due to vandalism. All in all, the film helps to protect the investment you have made in products that vandals continue to target. 

If your business is spending time and money on regularly cleaning up or removing graffiti, 3M Anti-Graffiti Protection Film can be beneficial to your business. The team at Sunset Glass Tinting, serving the Houston and San Antonio, Texas regions, can help you select the right anti-graffiti tint. Contact us today to learn more and to place an order.