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Sunset Glass Tinting Advantages of Window Tinting Your Building or Home Brick Two Story Home Exterior

Advantages of Window Tinting Your Building or Home

Window tinting your building or home offers a number of advantages that make it worthwhile to use 3M window tinting throughout. Following are just some of the advantages you’ll reap:

Glare Reduction

Window tinting reduces glare on interior devices such as computer screens and television screens. Since glare limits clarity, window tinting can reduce human error when your sales staff are taking care of customers; looking up orders, charging purchases, etc. If you happen to be in a business selling electronics, your customers will appreciate being better able to compare the optics on different models due to the reduced glare offered by your window tinting. In a home environment, reduced glare will enable your family to enjoy better daytime television viewing and gaming when the windows are tinted.

Energy Savings

The sun can greatly heat up the inside of your home or business. When you’re trying to keep inside temperatures cooler, the sun’sjohnson-johnson-U6Q6zVDgmSs-unsplash rays make it harder to maintain a temperate indoor climate. This also forces your HVAC system to work harder, which will ultimately decrease its lifespan. Window tinting by 3M can save up to a ton of air conditioning per 100 feet of exposed, tinted glass. You’ll notice the difference in your energy bills and in the lifetime of your air conditioning system when you use window tinting on your commercial building or residence.

Protection For Interior Furnishings

If you’ve ever kept a sofa or upholstered chair in front of a window for a long time, you know how much the sun can fade fabric. This kind of damage is irreversible; you’d need to either replace the furniture or have it reupholstered. The sun causes the same kind of damage to hardwood floors. Allowing the sun’s rays to fall on wood floors makes them discolored. The effect is noticeable when you go to move furniture away from protected areas of the floor. Window tinting protects your interior fabric furnishings, as well as your hardwood flooring, so the colors stay true for as long as possible.

Crime Prevention

Opportunistic criminals take advantage of last-minute chances for theft. When a criminal of this sort walks past a window displaying expensive items in a storefront, for example, they may find it irresistible and make plans for a thrift. The same holds true in your home. Strangers coming near your home, such as delivery persons and others may see something they find enticing, simply by gazing into your unprotected windows. However, with window tinting, criminals can’t easily see inside your home or business. They won’t have the chance to be tempted to take what isn’t theirs if they don’t know what’s inside. In fact, for all they know, you could be standing on the other side of the glass, watching their movements. Even police acknowledge that window tinting is an effective crime deterrent for what they call, “crimes of opportunity."

There are many advantages and no drawbacks to window tinting for your building and/or home. For more information about the process, please contact us today. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and help you get started.