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Residential Privacy Film Allows the Light in, Keeps Prying Eyes Out

It would be a lonely world without neighbors, but no matter how well you get along with everybody on your block, privacy is a must-have for your residence and family.

While new homes and renovations are featuring more windows than ever, often without traditional window covers, that can come with a price: allowing more prying eyes an unwanted glimpse inside your residence.

“Heavy draperies, color roller shades, and blinds have been popular for a long time, but we are going to see a push toward removing all window coverings and allowing the light to come in,” Justin Riordan, founder of Spade and Archer Design Agency, told “We are seeing a sacrifice of privacy in order to have more and more light in our homes. New construction will see a push toward larger windows and lots of extra light sources in the home.”

3M Window Films Can Add Privacy and Protection

3M Window Films offer a variety of residential privacy film options to help you protect your privacy in locations such as bathrooms, children's rooms, entry ways, and other windows that you want to shield from the outside.

“3M window film products make natural light a beautiful and welcome addition to your home,” said Sunset Glass Tinting President Eddy Russell. “3M residential privacy solutions allow you to create a custom, high-end look for your windows and glass doors while protecting your privacy.”

Privacy does not have to come at the sacrifice of design with 3Ms Fasara decorative window films that are:

  • Attractive decorative designs at the fraction of the cost of etched glass
  • Customizable to the needs of your residence
  • Flexible based on your privacy needs.

“3M™ Fasara is a family of polyester, decorative films for glass surfaces that transform an interior’s ambiance with finishes that have depth, subtly, modernity, energy, precision and more,” says 3M. “Created in collaboration with leading designers from across the globe, the new, trend-setting collection will give you even more ways to create stunning visual effects on interior glass surfaces, as well as add privacy and control light.”

3M Residential Privacy Film: Matte, Blackout and Mirror Options

3M also offers privacy film in interior spaces that can protect your privacy with multiple options including:

  • 3M White Matte Translucent Film offers subtle privacy and enhances the aesthetics of your residence.
  • 3M Blackout Film helps provide the ultimate privacy.
  • 3M Mirror Film offers a very high reflection to give a mirror-like appearance.

Keep in mind that residential privacy film is achieved through various combinations including reflectivity, darkness, translucence, and opaqueness.

When it comes to the effectiveness of residential privacy films, 3M customers say it best:

  • “We had it installed on the sidelights at the front door and on the patio door and it offers excellent privacy during the day and very good privacy after dark as long as there is an external light on,” said one 3M customer
  • “The film provides the privacy my family and I need,” added another.
  • “The privacy feature is a nice surprise, as I like to leave my curtains open during the day, and now people can't see inside. The difference in heat coming through the window was immediate and I am very happy with how it all turned out,” said a third customer.

Contact Sunset Glass Tinting today in the greater Houston area to find out more about how 3M window film products can let natural light into your home while also providing privacy and protection.