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A Hurricane Coming  on Land

Does Hurricane Window Film Exist?

If you've been looking for hurricane window protection solutions on the Internet, you may have come across something branded as "hurricane window film." The purpose of this article is to explain why this word is misleading and what better choices you have for protecting your windows during a storm.

Is Hurricane Window Film a Real Product?

What is sometimes marketed as "hurricane window film" is really a form of malleable glass coating known as safety and security window film. This is a type of pliable glass coating that can be applied to residential and commercial windows.

For extreme weather-prone areas such as Houston or San Antonio, no window film has actually been certified for specific use as hurricane damage mitigation barriers. To put it another way, it is not a viable alternative to hurricane screens, storm panels, or hurricane shutters in most extreme weather situations.

A Better Alternative to Faux Hurricane Window Film

It’s not advised to buy a product labeled" hurricane window film" since this may keep you from buying safety and security 3M window film that can actually help protect against flying debris, broken glass and more.

High quality safety and security 3M window film works very well to protect against flying glass shards or to hold shattered windows in place to keep out heavy rains.

Benefits of Safety and Security 3M Window Film

3M Safety and security window film can provide the following benefits:

  1. Hold the broken glass in place so it doesn’t shatter into living quarters

  2. Reduce the likelihood of being injured by flying fragments of glass

  3. Keep wind and rain from entering home

To summarize, although safety and security 3M window film does give an additional layer of security to your current glass, it should not be considered substitute for other storm damage mitigation barriers. You may utilize it to provide additional storm damage protection in the case that another barrier fails, which is ideal. However, it should never be the only layer of protection you have in place during extreme weather events such as hurricanes.

Is There Anything Else That Window Film Can Do?

Various kinds of window film, in addition to providing a thin layer of protection that can help avoid human harm and water damage, can improve the performance of your glass doors and windows in a variety of other ways as well. For example, safety and security 3M window film can be used to discourage break-ins and burglaries by delaying attempted forceful entrance attempts. Tinted and mirrored films can also provide additional privacy, which can help to boost security by hiding potential attackers' views into your home or business.

Other advantages of window film include:

  1. Forced entry can be delayed and/or discouraged

  2. Saves money on energy bills

  3. Provides protection against UV rays

  4. Reduces glare

  5. Improves curb appeal

When choosing safety and security window film for your place of business or residence, make sure you opt for a quality brand like 3M. 3M has been the industry leader in window film products for years. Contact Sunset Glass Tinting today to learn more.