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How Window Films Protect Against Active Shooters

The sad truth is that active shooters are a part of our life. Tragic events happen in schools, places of businesses, churches, medical offices and even shopping malls. Time and again the details are relayed to us, each time more terrifying than the last and we have all had a chance to be saddened and shocked. In such unsettling times, concern increases for our family, friends and our co-workers.

During an active shooter incident, each second matters. The time it takes law enforcement to respond is critical, and any possible way to slow down a shooter can mean lives are saved. At Sunset Glass Tinting, we install a tough anti-active shooter film that offers a layer of resistance upon a forceful impact, this means it will take longer for a shooter to get inside.

The Benefits of Anti-Active Shooter Films

When a shooter fires at a window that has not had security window film installed, the glass breaks immediately, and the shooter is in the room within seconds. The anti-active shooter window film we offer uses complex technology to stop the glass from shattering, this makes the intruder work harder to enter the building. This layer of anti-active shooter protection slows the shooter and allows police and emergency medical teams time to arrive at the location and deescalate the situation.

Anti-active shooter window film can also act as a deterrent against people who want to break into an office complex, protection from shattered glass caused by an explosion and other specific situations. The applications for the product are so great that the military and government agencies have used similar products extensively since September 11th, 2001.

“Test data collected in projects supporting the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the U.S. General Services Administration have clearly demonstrated that some applications of properly installed security window films and thin laminated glass systems can provide resistance to forced entry even though they were not specifically designed for that purpose.”Applied Research Associates, Inc.

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This is the right time to put safeguards in place to slow down active shooters, we are here to help you. To learn about our anti-active shooter film, please contact Sunset Glass Tinting today or call 1-888-949-2468 to schedule a free consultation.